I worked with Dennis a few years ago when I moved to Charlottesville and again when I left the area. I selected Dennis initially because of his cutting edge web presence and secondarily because of his terrific personality and the the fact that I sensed that he had ability to make things happen.

After looking at a number of homes in the area, Dennis found a new home that was near completion that was in a nice new and tasteful neighborhood and it had all of the features that I needed. Additionally, because of many factors Dennis let me know that he thought it would have a terrific resale potential as I knew that I would be leaving within 5 years. Together we strategized  together and successfully purchased the home at the right price.

A few years later when it was time to move, naturally I selected Dennis to sell my home. I left the area within two weeks of listing the house with Dennis at a price significantly more than I paid and within 30 days of listing it, Dennis sold it for more than the asking price. The price I believe is still a record in the Redfields Development where it is located. Dennis not only is great at representing people in real estate transactions but he is there for you after the sale if you need assistance other items including: landscaping, handy man services, house cleaning and almost anything that you can think of. Dennis is very connected in the area and has an impeccable reputation.

During the course of my business career, I have been transferred 6 times and Dennis provided the beat Real Estate experience that I have ever had.

Thank you,

Kevin F. Kelley, CHME
Senior Vice President
Specialty Search International
Tampa, FL

Dear Dennis,
This letter is sent to you in appreciation for the successful sale of my home.  Your professional and calm manner in which you dealt with my many questions, problems and worries was so very helpful and the fact that you were always there when you said you be, was very reassuring also.  From the beginning, I felt you went above and beyond all expectations starting with those wonderful pictures that you took of my home and property.  You put so much time and care into that finished product.  They could not have been more lovely, and I believe those pictures were a big part of our success.

You proved yourself to be very innovating in using all the technology available to enhance your service, most of which was well over my head.  Really impressive, the manner in which you took a personal interest in my home and instinctively understood critical key elements needed for the sale and made darn sure they all were addressed properly in order to make this sale happen within six month. The fact that the sale happened in ninety days was wonderful and just more testament of the professional work you offered.  But most of all, you proved yourself to be very familiar and knowledgeable with your market base, even getting one hundred thousand dollars over other estimates.  Very tricky to do, given our time line restraints; and I must add made me very worried to go in that direction.  But, you were correct, and your assessments of where to start and where to finish were spot on.  I can’t thank you enough!

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had you represent my property and would not even think of calling anyone but you the next time I need a real estate agent.  I do wish you all the success in the future, you deserve it.

Sincerely, Will

I wanted to relocate from Florida and had been vacationing for five years along the Blue Ridge Mountains looking for the ideal community.  After much consideration, I decided to relocate back to the Charlottesville area, where I went to college.  I worked with two different real estate companies on the advice of a friend in the business.  What a difference between the two realtors and their agencies!!  The first agent sloughed me off on another agent, who seemed not to be listening to me.  Dennis Woodruff, on the other hand, spent days working with me, getting to know me and what I was looking for in a property.  I was particularly impressed with Dennis's knowledge of the Charlottesville area and the surrounding counties. His knowledge of what to look for in a property was spot on and he steered me away from potential problems.  It was like house hunting with a building inspector, which was so helpful since this was only my second experience buying a home.  In the end, Dennis found me the perfect home in Nelson County.  I have lived here coming up on eight years now and couldn't be happier.  I would highly recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a an honest, patient, knowledgeable realtor who will take the time to find exactly what you are looking for in a property.  Although doubtful, should I ever decide to list my little piece of heaven, Dennis will be the first person I call!

Laura B.

I turned to Dennis Woodriff  of Loring Woodriff Real Estate Associates  when it was time to downsize from my Keswick home in the country to a small place in town.   After 22 years in my previous home my list of "wants" was extensive.  Foremost on the list was an ideal location near my work.   Dennis' dedication to helping me went over and beyond my expectation.  For 8 months long, through snow, sleet and rain, he never tired of showing me up-to-date listings of homes that met my needs.   Now I am happy living in my new townhome.  Thanks, Dennis!


We have known Dennis for a long time and bought our house in Gordonsville with his assistance. He made the process of house hunting very easy by finding homes that matched our needs and sensibilities. He is very knowledgeable of the area, having lived here for a long time.Dennis was also a good listener and advisor who guided us through a seamless closing. Soon after the sale was complete, we received a gift certificate for dinner for two at Fleurie restaurant...compliments of Dennis.

We would highly recommend his expertise in real estate.

Theo van Groll